Salt Lake City

Experienced Salt Lake City Developer

Specializing in MEAN Full-Stack Web Development

Experienced Salt Lake Web Dev

Specializing in MEAN Full Stack


Angular Picture Quiz

This app is a online quiz with the option of using pictures as questions or answers. It allows for multiple choice, short answer, and true-false types questions. There are 3 text-only questions types, 3 picture question type, and one picture answer multiple choice, for a total of 7 question types. The app uses .json configuration files for all quiz information. This is strictly a front-end Angular app, that can be served as static HTML. Click here for a demo.

DevMountain Survey Enhancement

The purpose of this individual project was to make an efficient process for DevMountain to create and deliver surveys, and manage survey results. This project utilized the full MEAN stack. Previously, surveys were done via Google Docs. The survey system I designed is a template-based survey administration system that has been implemented by DevMountain. An administration main menu has selections for creating / modifying templates, sending surveys and viewing results. Students see links to requested surveys when they log in. They click on the link, take the survey, then return back to the previous screen. Mongo DB collections include templates, surveys, users, results, and topics. There were 29 server endpoints. Click here for a demo.

DevMountain Journey

The purpose of this project was to create a system to allow students to blog and communicate their feelings to other students. A difference from a typical blog is that students choose an emotion level from 1 through 10, with 10 being highest, and their emotion is tracked along with what they were working on at the time. This project utilized the full MEAN stack. I worked with a group of 2 other student developers. My responsibility was primarily back end and filtering logic. I handled passport local auth and DevMountain auth. I also wrote query logic for quick filters and advanced search. Click here for a demo.

KSL Classifieds Web Scraper

This is a web scraper searching KSL classifieds for all Macbook pros between $800 and $1000, and >= 256 GB hard drive space. Script name is getMacs.js. It write relevant listings to a local file with a current date/time filename in the output folder.

This script utilizes the KSL classified filter to find keyword 'Macbook pro' and the price range $800 and $1000.

KSL classifieds doesn't have a filter for hard drive size. I wrote a custom function getHardDriveSizes() to take in an a string and look for hard drive size based on keywords such as gb, gigabyte, ssd, etc.

This project utilizes CasperJS on top of PhantomJS. It demonstrates my Javascript skills and abililty to quickly (within a week) learn and apply a new JS library.

About Doug

Doug Alderman is an Angular web developer contractor, currently working with a Salt Lake City client. Doug graduated from DevMountain web programmer immersive bootcamp program in March 2016. He acquired full stack developer skills focusing on the Javascript-based MEAN stack (Mongo Database, Express Server, Angular Front End, and Node environment).

Doug grew up in the New York City area, and attended college at University of Virginia and University of Utah. Doug was an experienced developer working with IBM 4690 point-of-sale (POS) registers. He worked for companies such as American Stores / Albertsons, Thrify Drug Stores, and Linens 'N Things. Doug was promoted to a senior system analyst position at Albertsons. He has lived in Utah for over 15 years.

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