Psychological Magnetic Map

Since the 1960's, scientists have been studying animals' ability to perceive the Earth's magnetic field (known as magnetoreception, or the magnetic sense). Evidence has accumulated that the ability of some animals to navigate long distances and find their way home is due in part to magnetoreception.

Do humans also have the magnetic sense? The current scientific consensus is no, human magnetoreception doesn't exist.

Harry Magnet doesn't agree with this consensus. He has been studying what he believes to be his own magnetoreceptive abilities since late 2007. The most startling conclusion he has reached is that his magnetoreceptive abilities are directly connected with his psychiatric problems. The symptoms of his psychiatric disorder give him the ability to perceive whether he is north or south of (magnetic) home.

Harry presents his evidence to a general audience in this article. For people with a scientific background, Harry wrote his research paper.

Harry doesn't believe he's alone in having magnetoreceptive ability. Some other people with psychiatric disorders probably have the magnetic sense, just don't realize it, as Harry didn't know he had it until he started doing research at age 40. If you're wondering whether or not you have magnetoreceptive ability, read this.

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